Trees are important. It is the number provider of fresh air we enjoy today. It cleanses the air like no other, and give us back something healthier for our body to function. Trees also give us food for it. For some of the fruit-bearing trees, they give us a nutritional food to enjoy. Another of its importance is that there are some trees that are responsible for the making of some of the small things we use in our daily lives. For instance, there is no paper without trees. We can say the same thing to some of our furniture we hide behind our garage door in Phoenix which is made mainly of wood. Trees are a huge part of building homes and other infrastructure. Without it, we may never know the all the amenities made from it that we enjoy today. This is why it is vital that we spearhead all the projects being made for their conservation. We may not realize it, but through some of our actions, we are sentencing them to their death. There are many reasons for the destruction of these natural resources that we have. The most prevalent is through deforestation.  

There are many reasons or deforestation. But the results are the same, trees are being removed from their habitat for consumption. They are being used as mentioned to produce products that are being sold to the market. People clear certain areas to make more available land for the construction of businesses and other commercial areas. Not only are the trees being affected by these scenarios but the animal species as well which had already taken permanent residence to this ecosystem. They are forced to migrate elsewhere where the danger is greater and causing them to be extinct.  

Another cause of the degradation of trees is the presence of the parasite. For instance, there is the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid which continues to spread havoc to the many species of Hemlocks in the United States. Although on the Asian continent, this doesn’t perceive as a threat, in many parts of America, it is very destructive. It spread in just mere seconds due to the natural agents and impacts the growth and survival of the hemlocks. This then produces a domino effect on the economy of the place affected.  


Contrary to what people expected, there are measures that could be undertaken so that this could be prevented. You could just pay attention to your backyard and start your rehabilitation from there. You could seek assistance from various organizations in your place just when you detect these kinds of pests. They could help you by setting lose the natural enemies of these parasites that would help in mitigating the problem. The keywords here are vigilance and awareness. You just need to be more observant and ask for help. By identifying that there is actually a problem, then you could find a solution that would benefit you and the rest.  

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